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Custody for Cash: Disapp(H)earing acts

As the Custody for Cash saga continues and new information is brought forth, the Independent Gazette has discovered yet another issue worth investigating within the family court system. According to several sources, docket listings — and even entire dockets — are often incomplete or inaccurate. Items often vanish from the record, and even the records themselves seem to disappear.

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Custody4Cash scandal is reviewed in the context of corrupt judges issuing gag orders

The team stresses the importance of free and equal elections, and takes our elected officials to task on passage of Pennsylvania’s SB195, the Voters’ Choice Act.  Lou calls out Budweiser on their hypocrisy in supporting the troops fighting for democracy abroad, yet they sponsor the Presidential Debate Commission, a private entity that actively locks out third parties from the debates.  Lastly, the Custody4Cash scandal is reviewed in the context of corrupt judges issuing gag orders to cover up their corrupt and criminal behavior, with audio of the late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer (famous for her criticisms of the family court systems and Child Protective Services), in honor of her heroism.

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Intimidation, Threats, Custody4Cash, Kids for Cash, Ostrowski, and More!

Congressional candidate (PA-11) Andy Ostrowski joins Lou and Mike to offer his valuable insights—as a former civil rights attorney and longtime judicial reform advocate—into the dynamics that have led to developments such as Kids for Cash and Custody for Cash. In a word, the lawyers within the system have been “acculturated.” Ostrowski also discusses his bid to unseat Congressman Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania’s 11th District. One of Ostrowski’s campaign emphases: restoring the true meaning of the “consent of the governed.”

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