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Sanity Check: May 9, 2015

Judy Lorah-Fisher is Lou’s second of three guests for this broadcast. Judy describes her key role in bringing the Kids for Cash scandal to light. After her niece Amanda was placed in a juvenile detention center she discovered that hundreds of other children were being placed absent criminal offenses. Judy approached then-state representative John Yudichak in 2007 with a list of 153 Nanticoke youths from her hometown who had been stripped from their families, just as Amanda had been. Judy’s starting the whole process over again concerning Custody for Cash, visiting now-Senator Yudichak’s Harrisburg office on Monday with a few others to inform him of the injustices occurring in the realm of Family Court and child custody.

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Kids targeted via school free lunch program alleges Kids for Cash aunt

But as she performed her own research Fisher learned a tragic truth about how deep the rabbit hole of corruption really extended. “Over 3,000 kids were incarcerated during Kids for Cash, and I’m going to tell you how they did it: they picked all of the low-income students who were on the school’s free student lunch program. They knew they couldn’t afford attorneys before they ever even went into court.”

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