Occupy for Justice rally held on Luzerne County Courthouse steps

The third in a series of local judicial reform rallies, the “Occupy for Justice” event of July 17 drew participants to the south-side, main steps of the Luzerne County Courthouse. Pennsylvania District Eleven Congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski was the featured speaker, as he worked in conjunction with civil rights icon Jesse Epps and his America Rebirth Tour (A.R.T.) team to make the gathering a reality.

With the speeches delayed a bit, Forty-Fort resident, corruption watchdog, and blogger Mark Robbins took advantage of the downtime to present his fresh lists of local “Heroes & Villains,” unfurling 18″-wide scrolls down the courthouse steps. Some rally attendees were permitted to add a few of their selections to the lists under Robbins’ watchful eye.

Heroes and Villains listAndy Ostrowski at Occupy for JusticeOstrowski kicked off the roughly two hours of speeches by explaining the motivation for his first bid for Congress. “The issue that we’re going to discuss in this campaign is justice, and what justice means, fighting for justice. . . . My slogan in this campaign is ‘Return government to the people,’ and that means all branches of government, and it starts with the courts. And that’s why we’re here today. We’re here today to talk about returning this third branch of government to our people,” he said. That message was well received by the audience, who braved an intense mid-day sun to demonstrate their dedication to what they view as long-overdue judicial reform. Some of the participants, like Ostrowski himself, had been pursuing that aim for years, even decades.

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