Interview with longtime judicial reform advocate Ron Shegda, of Northampton County, PA

Talking the Fourth Branch of government, bureaucratic intimidation, Custody4Cash, psychopathy, child trafficking, and more on 94.3FM The Talker’s Sanity Check radio show

Longtime judicial reform advocate Ron Shegda, of Northampton County, joined Libertarian Lou and Tea Party Mike on a February Sanity Check radio show broadcast. Here are some of his comments.

Lou: We need to make sure that these [state legislators] start stepping up and making the changes, because, Michael, I’m telling you, the more I get into this, it is scary. And what is more important to an individual, more than anything, Michael, than your kids and your grand kids? And when [the judicial system] hold[s] this over your head . . . I’m telling you right now, Michael, they will hold this over people’s heads. They destroy lives. On purpose? Maybe, maybe not — I don’t even know why. But we don’t have an independent person looking at [these custody matters]. We have the investigated looking at the investigators. We’re going to be putting out stuff about the AOPC. An individual’s been working with us to do some research on that. We have a lot of people now starting to look, to do research. Mike, I want to start taking some calls, because people are calling. We’ve got Ron on line one, I believe.

Ron Shegda
Ron Shegda

Ron: Lou, Mike, good morning to you. So many commendations from so many of us, especially in the state of Pennsylvania. What you’re doing is really the Fourth Branch of government, and rallying to the support of so many families who’ve been isolated over the years and intimidated and abused by these agencies. For instance, there is such a parallel with what’s going on with the NSA — and I don’t want to get sidetracked on a national issue — you know, stay with the abuse of families by these county agencies. For instance, they work the same way as the NSA is now: no warrants, no terrorists found, yet capturing family members without any evidence.

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