Millionaire to welfare: A case of the accuser judged by the accused

As the Independent Gazette delves further into the Custody for Cash saga, it seems the scope of contamination extends further and further across Pennsylvania.

An investigation into a case in Montgomery County (just north of Philadelphia) has uncovered a judge who continued to write orders after recusing himself and an apparent conflict of interest involving a former chair of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board whose firm, Lamb McErlane, includes a former justice of the PA Supreme Court.

The Mickman Case
Elaine Mickman has been litigating divorce, child support, and custody in Montgomery County Family Court for more than eleven years. Three of her five children are now grown, two of whom have become attorneys. Mickman’s youngest son and daughter are still minors and are currently being held in legal limbo for what appears to be a money-making scheme worth millions of dollars, all of which has left the mother and her children nearly penniless.

“This case is going to remain mine for the duration of my career, which is 3-and-a-half more years. So you’ll have to deal with me forever. It’s not a matter of, you hope you get a different judge, I’m the one.”


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